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How to ask for help

By davmac, with no replies.
Naturally many people use this discussion forum to help with programming problems. That's fine. In fact, it's a good thing; it's a large part of what this forum is for. But, if you want help, there's a few things you should think about first. Mainly, people are far more likely to try and help you if it looks like you have already put some effort in. Here are some ways you can show this: 1. Be clear with your question, and explain in detail what you are trying to do. It is far better to write too much than too little. If you don't explain your problem properly, it is much harder to answer - and you are less likely to get an answer. On the other hand, if you go to the trouble of explaining your problem in detail, it's clear that you're willing to put the effort in to solve it and so it is worth trying to help you. 2. Make sure you've read through the tutorials and the documentation (if your question is answered there, people won't want to explain it again). 3. Post your code! Post whatever code you have written, even if it doesn't compile or doesn't work. You can either post it inline (use the "code" button to insert properly formatted code...) or, if it does compile, upload it and post a link to it. You don't need to post all your code - just the code around the parts you are having trouble with (but be prepared to post more if someone asks to see it). Make sure your code is properly indented so that it is easy to read and understand. By following the above rules, you are much more likely to get a solution to your problem!