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Scenarios tagged: tech

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play Othello Asteroids
plays 1296 / votes 0

Othello Asteroids

by frnpnc, 2013/5/31

A school project based on Othello

play Triple Games
plays 1186 / votes 0

Triple Games

by Kingroboseb1, 2014/8/22


play Costa Kill
plays 1383 / votes 0

Costa Kill

by $$$$$Charlie*****, 2014/10/30

A great game for Diego Costa fans!

play The Troll Game
plays 1163 / votes 0

The Troll Game

by SameerLikesJava, 2014/10/31

play Ateroid
plays 890 / votes 0


by whyisloltaken, 2015/7/24

kill the asteroids before they kill you

plays 1204 / votes 0


by SofiaC, 2015/7/31

shoot the asteroids to survive!

play The curce of the captian
plays 957 / votes 0

The curce of the captian

by Master, 2015/7/31

play Donkey Kong
plays 2376 / votes 0

Donkey Kong

by Jimmyrowbo, 2015/8/14

Not Finished

play 3D Engine
plays 8600 / votes 11

3D Engine

by GreenHouse, 2013/9/21

3D jpct tech [advanced]