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Scenarios tagged: simulation

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play Blood Vessel simulation
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Blood Vessel simulation

by, 2 days ago

This is just a simulation of vaccines and blood flow

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by Ocelotek120, 2021/1/14


play Meeresszenario_Victoria Wagner_12.1.2021
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Meeresszenario_Victoria Wagner_12.1.2021

by Info4fun, 2021/1/12

Die Faszination des Meeres in einer Simulation

play Apple
plays 52 / votes 0


by de0903, 2021/1/11

play Ocean
plays 78 / votes 0


by Yusei_Fudo, 2021/1/11

Fishes swimming

play Snake Game
plays 81 / votes 0

Snake Game

by Wehdkev, 2021/1/11

A snake game.

play Bloodstream Simulation
plays 38 / votes 0

Bloodstream Simulation

by vanimani, 2021/1/8

Simulates the bloodstream

play Our Bloodstreams
plays 46 / votes 1

Our Bloodstreams

by anvikav, 2021/1/7

A game that simulates the interaction between white blood cells, bacteria, viruses, and platlets in our bloodstream.

play Covid-19 inside of White Blood Cell
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Covid-19 inside of White Blood Cell

by Ritzk, 2021/1/7

Replication of how Covid-19 affects the white blood cell