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Scenarios tagged: physics

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play OCR Potentiometer
plays 2463 / votes 2

OCR Potentiometer

by uboiz, 2012/2/4

Simulation that show how to read a Voltage with Osciloscope

play Bomber
plays 1672 / votes 1


by gregwlotzka120, 2012/1/25

bomb moving objects.

play Magnifiying Lens II
plays 2917 / votes 5

Magnifiying Lens II

by uboiz, 2012/1/22

Magnifiying Lens Simulation 2

play Dodge Rockets
plays 2125 / votes 1

Dodge Rockets

by msurovich22, 2012/1/17

play Simple Pendulum Simulation
plays 4606 / votes 2

Simple Pendulum Simulation

by uboiz, 2012/1/14

Pendulum Simulation with Verlet Method

play Running, Jummping, Falling
plays 2502 / votes 0

Running, Jummping, Falling

by TheLeadHound, 2012/1/12

Quick test of all of the above.

play lunolet1
plays 5182 / votes 1


by AlexandraAbramovich, 2011/7/30

To land the rocket on the moon surface with reasonably small velocity

play Dodge ASHS
plays 1551 / votes 0

Dodge ASHS

by RyanMcKenna, 2012/1/3

play Dodge
plays 1382 / votes 0


by ptmccaule, 2012/1/3