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Scenarios tagged: java

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play Cokynina brutalnost hra jak svina
plays 1152 / votes 0

Cokynina brutalnost hra jak svina

by Cokyna, 2013/12/11

play Hra Od Adama
plays 1163 / votes 0

Hra Od Adama

by AdamKocourek, 2013/12/11

play Demo Hra
plays 1081 / votes 0

Demo Hra

by Cokyna, 2013/12/11

play OAUH Hrdina
plays 1185 / votes 0

OAUH Hrdina

by zdrh, 2013/12/9

play Demo Hra
plays 1060 / votes 0

Demo Hra

by oauh, 2013/12/5

Pohybujte se klávesami W a S nahoru a dolů. Zachyťte co nejvíc jablek, neztraťte životy srážkou s lebkou... ;)

play Eat 'em Up
plays 2175 / votes 2

Eat 'em Up

by Techtrix, 2013/2/13

Try to eat the purbles without being eaten up!

play PolarRush
plays 7376 / votes 1


by bonana, 2013/1/15

eat fish, avoid the shark