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Scenarios tagged: difficult

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play Bullet Heck
plays 3534 / votes 0

Bullet Heck

by erimaxbau, 2009/12/13

Try and beat this.

play silent winds
plays 1982 / votes 1

silent winds

by sadistic_angel, 2012/5/4

random world generation

play Ninja: The Platformer
plays 1685 / votes 2

Ninja: The Platformer

by aaku143, 2013/6/15

A platformer where you play as a ninja and you must reach the end.

play Dullman
plays 1809 / votes 0


by MoGames, 2014/6/14

Dullman - The Stupid Pacman Rises

play Simply Difficult
plays 1535 / votes 0

Simply Difficult

by willM, 2014/11/20

First ACTUAL game

play new-little-crab
plays 918 / votes 0


by YuNg@$tl3y, 2015/10/20

a game to eat worms and run from lobsters!

play Impossible Asteroid Field
plays 1167 / votes 0

Impossible Asteroid Field

by MusicalScore, 2015/12/22

Destroy the asteroids and survive!

play neshman game
plays 339 / votes 0

neshman game

by Neshman, 2019/1/21