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Scenarios tagged: card

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play Sorting Algorithms - Cards
plays 1491 / votes 0

Sorting Algorithms - Cards

by Nakahara, 2020/6/14

Understanding sorting algorithms with cards.

play flipCards《让卡片翻滚吧!》
plays 1857 / votes 0


by tatatingting, 2019/5/22

Cards from heavens, flip into couples. 本是一对,双宿双飞。

play Blackjack
plays 4114 / votes 1


by a-star-games, 2014/11/1

Blackjack (a.k.a. 21)

play Faces of IV-Star
plays 2269 / votes 0

Faces of IV-Star

by romer_21, 2014/4/12

All about the pairing of these cards

play Get Bit!
plays 2862 / votes 1

Get Bit!

by rafael.lrhs, 2012/6/6

Avoid the robot eating shark!

play Credit Card Checker
plays 4807 / votes 0

Credit Card Checker

by kiarocks, 2012/1/9

Checks your credit card!

play Set Multiplayer
plays 2909 / votes 1

Set Multiplayer

by Exnie, 2011/12/30

The card game set for two players

play Set
plays 3873 / votes 1


by Exnie, 2011/5/22

The greenfoot version of the card game SET