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Scenarios tagged: bullet

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play Lance/spirit strike
plays 4318 / votes 2

Lance/spirit strike

by Sharaleth, 2010/5/21

A 1-Stage Adventure Into SHMUPs

play Dolphin Chainsaw Massacre
plays 3568 / votes 2

Dolphin Chainsaw Massacre

by supermagicmilk, 2011/2/16

You never knew that dolphins had so much blood in them!

play Bullet Hell v 1.0
plays 3036 / votes 2

Bullet Hell v 1.0

by GreenHatGuy, 2012/6/18

A short sidescrolling shooter

play Zombie Survival
plays 3216 / votes 2

Zombie Survival

by Miikku, 2013/5/18


play Bulbasaur Used Bullet Seed!
plays 1779 / votes 2

Bulbasaur Used Bullet Seed!

by emmkhajiit, 2014/2/7

Bulbasaur shooter/platform demo

play X-Meteor
plays 1855 / votes 2


by softwhizjx, 2014/7/25

The meteorite are falling into the earth! Dodge the falling meteorites and shoot them as much as you can.

play LowriderForce - Copy
plays 1239 / votes 1

LowriderForce - Copy

by hazmo, 2013/5/22

Blow them up

play Touhou FanGame #8199
plays 2058 / votes 1

Touhou FanGame #8199

by jackyyang09, 2014/6/13

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Replication

play Frenzy
plays 1583 / votes 1


by shadowmasterx99, 2016/5/26

A Space Shoot-em-Up