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Scenarios tagged: apple

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plays 204 / votes 0


by Arkh, 2024/4/12

play Super Turtle
plays 275 / votes 0

Super Turtle

by BrunoS, 2024/1/21

a fun game with an even more exceptional experience

play Wiggler's harvest
plays 1240 / votes 1

Wiggler's harvest

by Noobopanda, 2021/2/15

Wiggler's lunch

play Apple Odyssey《暗黑疯苹果》
plays 2020 / votes 0

Apple Odyssey《暗黑疯苹果》

by tatatingting, 2019/5/20

An apple sang a crazy song and got deeper in black. 一只苹果麦克疯,堕入无边黑暗。

play Health Game
plays 1752 / votes 0

Health Game

by adug20, 2017/11/17

Eat the apples, don't eat the burgers.

play Bumble Bee
plays 2507 / votes 0

Bumble Bee

by Reginold, 2017/10/14

Eat the FRUITS and win!

play Save the Apples
plays 2874 / votes 2

Save the Apples

by Elephant16, 2016/5/26

Catch apples in the basket before they fall to the ground.

play KiFooKatch
plays 2184 / votes 0


by tiffcortez, 2015/5/19

Kinect game to catch food.

play Flappy Bird
plays 2405 / votes 0

Flappy Bird

by mosi_edu, 2014/8/1

Variation of Flappy Bird