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Aim: knock all the bricks out of existence. Move the paddle (using A and S keys, or by moving the mouse) to deflect the ball. Try not to let the ball bounce on the bottom of the screen.

Note that the angle the ball bounces from the paddle depends on where it hits the paddle. You can use this fact to direct the ball.

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Tags: game bricks with-source

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One level ?


Could you possibly upload the code for this game? I'm trying to create something similar, but I can't get my bricks to disappear correctly.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Mon Jan 09 17:38:19 UTC 2012 Upgraded to latest Greenfoot version, and upload source code.


Thanks so much x]


There are three things that need implementing: 1. more levels 2. lose life or something when the ball hits bottom edge 3.something happening when you destroy all the blocks Otherwise its a nice simple game which is fine.


Sorry, looked at the source code, didnt realise it was that complex for such a simple game.


Yeah, it's really just meant as a demo, not a full game. The nice thing about is it properly calculates the angle that a ball would bounce if it hits a brick, even if it hits the corner. But, it's more here so that others can borrow the code if they want. I don't really have time to make it into a full game.


I am currently studying my GCSES and i am making a space programme where when the space ship hits the rock it disappears but i haven't been able to do that could you help please?

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