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Upupzealot presents ...



use "a" "w" "s" "d" to control your ship
doubleHit "a" or "d" to Blink(it has 2 sec's CoolDown)
use "q" to open/shutoff the ForceField
use "e" to change ForceField's mod
use "f" to madshoot
hold "space" to run into BulletTime

if U die,it will just stop, I would upgrade this later
if U can't conrol anything try Reset or Pause and Run again

Any Reply/Advice is warmly welcomed~

Press P to go to the next level!!
Skills still useful but in different effects
white ball: generate a white bottom brick, if there is none (avoid the ball to fall for once)
red ball: generate a red bottom brick(stop a line from falling)
blue ball: generate a blue top brick(a blue meets a red in the same line will clear the whole line)
madshot: crazy shoot with balls

change your own color to make it diffrent with the ground.
it will slow down a bit for you to get higher scroe
space to jump(could a void an enemy blow)

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Tags: game physics demo with-source

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??? shouldnt hitting "a" once initialize a's timing and if the timing is still going on (still time for double tap) and "d" is hit instead then the timing should stop and d's timing will start, only if "a" is hit twice without other button hit then it will blink. So u cant just hit "a" hit "d" then hit "a" again to blink left. If you know what i meen


"So u cant just hit "a" hit "d" then hit "a" again to blink left. " It just don't work~ No matter how rapidlly you change between "a" and "d" blink won't take place


ok. probs just me then.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Tue Jul 17 13:00:03 UTC 2012 fix some hidden bugs


Neat effect.


great game :)


Hey, it's me. My mom asked me to show her the game that you helped me with (it's been taken down). I told her that you helped me, and she thought that was really nice of you. You have earned a like.


@PoleBro764 that's really nice of you and your mom XD
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sun Oct 21 08:15:32 UTC 2012 Big update! press"P" to find what's new! If you like my idea, press P again!


This game is so AWESOME!

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