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stevenGrohe presents ...



It´s an unfinished platform engine of me
including some simple levels. It took about 5 days to create, so don´t ignore this. I stopped developping this, because I never created a huge game, just come up with the main engine, then my power is off. You can use it for your own games if you want. Maybe i´ll date it up later.

left - move left
right - move right
"R" - restart
space - jump, doublejump, walljump
enter - go to next level if finished

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Tags: game demo run jump platform levels engine source free open

open in greenfoot
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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Mon Mar 19 20:07:25 UTC 2012 start at level 1


The level with the one way walls that you have to wall-jump is insane :D! Love it!
I really like the transitions between levels, I am trying to do something similar, would you mind posting the code so see how you did it?


I don´t really know whether you mean this, but I think so: import greenfoot.*; // (World, Actor, GreenfootImage, Greenfoot and MouseInfo) public class NextLevel extends HUD { public int alpha; private int fadeKind; private int fadeSpeed = 4; public boolean active = true; public int xAdd; public int yAdd; private Level lv; public NextLevel() { fadeKind = 0; //0 = fade out, 1 = fade in alpha = 0; getImage().setTransparency(alpha); xAdd = 320; yAdd = 240; lv = (Level)getWorld(); } public void act() { getImage().setTransparency(alpha); if (fadeKind == 0) { if ((alpha + fadeSpeed) <= 255) { alpha += fadeSpeed; } else { fadeKind = 1; alpha = 255; lv.finished = false; CONSTS.nextLevel(); lv.mustRestart = true; } } else { if ((alpha - fadeSpeed) >= 0) { alpha -= fadeSpeed; } else { alpha = 0; if (CONSTS.current_level != CONSTS.level_amount) lv.running = true; getWorld().removeObject(this); } } setLocation((int)View.get_x()+xAdd,(int)View.get_x()+yAdd); } public int getAlpha() { return alpha; } public int getx() { return xAdd; } public int gety() { return yAdd; } public void setState(int st) { fadeKind = st; } }
Yeah, thanks :D


Your collision detection is much better than mine... Care to share the source-code?


how can I share the source code?


When you publish the scenario, under the own Webpage field there is a checkbox.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Mon Jul 02 15:04:48 UTC 2012 source code available


Would you mind sharing the code for the double jump? Thanks in advance!!! :)

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