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AwesomeNameGuy's scenario with scoring implemented.

Currently adds 100 points each time you hit a rectangle.

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Tags: game simulation physics demo with-source

open in greenfoot
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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Tue Oct 11 13:09:57 UTC 2011


Just a quick update to move the counter a bit left, was too far to the right so it was going a bit off the screen. Not that placement matters hugely currently, but still.


@Duta check out my version. it has more updates. Like good pics!


Before I run ascenario, I always look what I unpacked. What I would like to know is why... after unpacking the SlingShot.gfar file... there are so many irrelevant files in the created map e.g. why did you put them there and why are you polluting my computer with thosw files?


What irrelevant files? Are you referring to the like 30kb of bmp files that aren't being used in the images folder? I forgot to throw those out before I uploaded the slingshot but you can feel free. Sorry for all the pollution! 30 kb is a lot of hard drive space after all!


Lol @AwesomeNameGuy Also @Significance, it wasn't me! *points to AwesomeNameGuy* blame him! xD All I did was add the scoring. @kiarocks I was going to use yours but when I dl'ed it it wouldn't compile, and I was far too tired to fix the problems, so I just downloaded ANG's.

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