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Galaga: Bonehead Edition

This game is a 2D shooter with a top-down perspective in which you control a small spaceship and shoot at several boneheads which are on route to invade the planet, you need to avoid being shot or crashed into at all cost. You start at the bottom middle section of the screen and move along the playfield with either the “Left” and “Right” arrow keys, but can’t go out of the screen to re-enter on the other side since there is a limit. Additionally, you have only one life to kill all the enemies and win the game; meaning if you get shot even once, you will loose and need to restart in order to win. Moreover, there is a score counter on the top-middle side of the screen that adds all of your points which are a representation of how many enemies you have killed. The game starts with a title screen which starts playing some music playing in the background when you click the “Run” button on Greenfoot. As soon as you click the spacebar on the computer, once the program has started running, it will send you to a new screen where the enemies have spawned in, along with the player and the scoreboard; it also contains background music.

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Tags: game simulation demo with-source

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2023-05-31 03:57:10 UTC Stops music once the game ends.

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