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Carrot Mania

This is for ICS G11 final project. I remade of the existing online game Carrot mania and simplified some transitions.

Author: Ivy Chiang

User plays as a rabbit who may encounter pirates (fox and crab)! After starting the game, user's are brought to a Map which indicates the level they are currently challenging. If successful, they will move through a total of 3 different levels, each becoming increasingly difficult. The objective of the game is to collect all carrots and if possible, other bonuses such as diamond, pearls and a hidden treasure box! The rabbit can travel on ground and by bar using the left and right arrow key. It can climb and descend ladders using the up and down key and also dig holes in front of it using the enter key. Holes fill back after a few seconds. The rabbit can fall from the bar and jump left and right from the ladder using arrow keys. Total points are calculated based on treasures/carrot collect and are deducted for each movement. All carrots must be collected to proceed to the next level. At the end of the game, user's are given the opportunity to view their final score. Join the fascinating pirate adventures and you will surely have a good time!

CREDITS: I used the game's original images to create my animations and I also used the original background music. The following link is the original game:

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Tags: mouse game

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Hello Ivy, what a fantastic game! Brilliant! I have a 9 year old grand-daughter who is showing an interest in coding. Is it possible to download your game to have a look at how you have coded it please? Best regards and kee up the great work, William.

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