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Greenfoot back

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Kostya20052011 presents ...


Google Dino

The Legendary Google Dinosaur. To jump- up arrow, fall, and tilt in front of the pterodactyl-down arrow. If you lose, click up and play on.

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This is literally just like the original game. Simple, calming, and fun thank you so much for uploading it.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2020-04-07 12:14:04 UTC Added an update! Now, after 20,000 points, there will be other eras-the stone age, the era of chivalry, and so on. At the end(for 100,000 points, the boss is waiting for you)
Thank you for such a cool comment!


why i keep get game over?? pap tt
Sorry I don't understand, can you please clarify. If you lose you can start again by clicking the jump button. Also, some bugs may be due to the fact that the image in Greenfoot is not the image itself, but a square drawn around it.


I really like it it’s like the actual game my high score was 5000
Thanks. After 5000 there is a small bug and almost no one can pass this record)


If i will reset then the score doesn't reset I think u made 'score' as static....


Yes, this is one of my first games. Here everything is simple)


i would like u to help me out asap plz play my dawn of tank and tell the the texts written in it is looking weird or not??? its looking weird on desktop and not on pc and mobile how is it possible(this one is not a imp question right now but plz answer the above one asap)

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