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s3adams presents ...


StarCraft Defenders

Welcome to my game!

This game is based off the popular RTS franchise StarCraft.

You play as the dark colored space marine. The object of the game is to survive as long as possible. You start alone and generate minerals by killing the enemies who spawn in waves on the other side of the screen. However, if they reach your side, you lose minerals and health. Once you make enough minerals, you can buy Auto Turrets and Space Marines

“W” to move up
“S” to move down
“A” to move left
“D” to move right

“R” to reload
Hold “Shift” to sprint

Setting up a defense:

Move around the units with the arrow keys before you place them

“P” to place new units after you buy them

“1” to buy a Space Marine
*300 minerals, stays out until it dies, moves up and down

“2” to buy an Auto Turret
*150 minerals, stays out for 5 waves, stays in place

Attackers come in waves. The higher the wave, the more attackers come.

Zergling: Base attacker. You lose health if it hits you. Runs medium speed with medium health. Turns slightly.

Gasling: A green mutation of the Zergling. Runs very fast and turns often. Very low health.

Hydralisk: A huge snakelike creature. Shoots out barbs that damage the player and units. A large health pool but is very slow.


Good luck out there and have fun!


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