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Paggos_Ichor presents ...



Simple Pong game for Computer science final
Control with mouse or up and down keys
Reset after each game first to three wins
I will add two player later.

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Tags: with-source arcade pong hs cs final

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@Laurelinad Thank you. I still hope to make it better once i learn to set the fonts for the score and maybe some background music. @ potus2037 i will make it two player in a few days and raise the score,. as far as color i was keeping it simple so it would be "retro" lloking back on it now i should have inverted the colors. i think im going to change the most of the gui, add two player, background song if anyone wants it, fix the score problem(wich technically is players not mine i warned you all in the summery) if anybody wants anything else let me know.


Look at the source code I gave you to figure out how to do font and color on text. =) The three requirements are importing Java.awt.Font, creating a new Font object reference ( Font variableName = new Font("Serif", CENTER_BASELINE, 20); for example. ] and then calling the setFont() method in the instantiated world, so if your world name is myWorld, then myWorld.setFont(variableName); . From then on, it's all good and you just have to use stuff like myWorld.drawString("Hi!"); , if I remember correctly.


I've beat the opponent 25 times in a row! =D


Awesome game Thanks a lot Paggos *****(5 stars).


If anyone wants I can make a how to video.


yes please do make a tutorial i've gotta know how to do this masterpiece(as far as pongs concerned) PROTIP: hit the ball from above or below(depending on whether your nearer to the ceiling or floor it will bounce the ball off the floor/ceiling) which will cause it to ricochet(if done right) 95% of the time the computer cant dodge this( though if you fail and miss you lose and he gets a point but its better than not doing that


Alright give me a few days to remake and make sure i have everything right and then i will make the video.
Best. Game. Ever. Period.


Hey! nice game . But my only complaint is that that the bot is bery bad and he needs to be good


Very nice ;)

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