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Fun with neural networls - first draft

Alter network:
a - add mode, clicking screen adds new neurons
d - delete mode, clicking a neuron removes it
x - stimulate mode, clicking a neuron stimulates it

Place/move/position neurons
r - rotation mode - clicking a neuron rotates it
m - move mode - click and drag neurons to reposition
g - grow mode - click a neuron to stretch it length-wise
s - shring mode - click a neuron to shrink it length-wise

Edit a neuron's properties:
t - type mode - click a neuron to change type: silent at rest, spontaneously active, bursting (bursting not coded yet)
l - activity mode - click a neuron to set its activity level --1 can only fire at low frequencies, 10 can fire at high frequencies
w - transmitter mode - click a neuron to set if it releases glutamate (excitatory) or gaba (inhibitory)
q - transmitter amount mode - click to set amount of nt release (1-40)

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Tags: simulation with-source robot control brain network neural neurons finch

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