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Chat World

A world in which you can chat with others. Write a message in the chat box at the bottom. 50 characters is the maximum for a message. With 'escape', you clear out the chat box. Everyone who is where you are right now (or will be there in the next seconds) can see this message. Move to a portal to change your location. Only the color changes right now. An actual game isn't implemented yet. But there would be still a lot space to save game progress.
Write "/w UserName message" to write a private message to a player. You can always only write one private message to up to five players at once. If the message is reveiced, you can write another message. You only have five strings, so you can not write any messages if you don't have a free spot.
You can free your string slots. Write "/d x" with 'x' being 'all' to clear all slots, 'pri' or 'private' to remove oldest private message, 'pub' or 'public' to remove the oldest sent public message.
Click on another person to see who it is. For a small overview: orange is me, green is you and blue is everyone else.
The game refreshes itself every 20 seconds and you can also do it manually by pressing 'f5'. Accessing the UserInfo creates lag here, so this is needed.
Please give me feedback about how it is now and if you are interested in having a small game here (ideas are welcome) and if you find bugs, please let me know!

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