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The game consist in being a good driver and have the necessary skills to avoid serious problems in a car track. We will have to avoid obstacles as necessary bonds to recover the car remains in operation.
The player starts with a speed in the normal car, who will have to go dodging other cars and obstacles that are within the automotive arena without damaging the environment in which it is located and without damaging your own car.

Specification game:
Gasoline player starts at 100% and the distance as you progress, gasoline will be reduced and will be recovered for further progress in the automotive and level track.
To prevent the gasoline automobile reaches zero, it will be necessary to collect cans of gasoline, to add a percentage to the current level at the time.
The player can change gears at will, increase or decrease in the same way that a standard car.
If the player collides with a car, the car damage increase depending on the type of car that has impact.
If the damage reaches 100% the game is over.
You can retrieve the status of the car picking a tool for repairing on stage, but do not trust, will not be as concurrent.
There will be other obstacles on the highway, such as spilled oil, large rocks falling on the road, animals, civil and potholes. These obstacles will have less impact on the damage of the car, but we have to take care of them, for they are more concurrent than cars on the highway.
You should be careful mainly with civil and animals, because other drivers are very upset and increase your speed to have a greater impact on your car.
Every few cars that dodge and / or each distance for progress, the player level rise, increasing the damage to the car it should collide with other cars due to the increase in speed.
If gasoline reaches zero, the car stops moving and the game is over.
There will be an on-screen meter speed, so you can help and reduce the damage of the car during impact.
Be sure not to go at high speeds when you see a police car, then you follow a certain time in which you will have to make mistakes, such as shock you against other cars or running over civilians or animals. Yes you do, you'll be arrested and the game ends....

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