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RUMMAKER presents ...


scrolling shooter

not even close to being finished.
to do:
*add enemies
*add ship building
(i plan to have the ship u fly be composed of many different parts that you can swap in and out)
*add story
*add sound
*make a real back ground
*add menu etc

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Tags: mouse game demo with-source

open in greenfoot
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Are you planning on stopping production on the RTS and continuing on with this? Also, did you use 2D arrays for this and nice physics.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Fri May 16 04:06:17 UTC 2014 *added resource bar(displays hp and stuff) dear greenfoot users, would like oppinions on wether you find the hp bar to be too shaky or not shaky enaugh(when you move your mouse rapidly)


for now, i feel like the AI aspect of our rts game is too much of a hurdle for us for now. so yep work on something simpler right now... this game. Also are we on the same page with what we want to do with this game? I know we both wanted to make a top down scrolling shooter but i think you were going more for a zombie shooter then a aerial fighter game.




short answer : dun be lazy, download the code and figure it out urself long answer : no, the grid things are just aesthetics. ... wow the short answer is longer then the long answer xD


@ ooissacoo ty ^_^


...No not really, I was thinking of a game taking place in an apocalyptic Surrey with the dude which I drew...but this may turn out to be fun. Post it up on the facebook page and ask what people think.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sun May 18 06:09:08 UTC 2014 *ship building is proving to be alot more challenging then i assumed(i assumed it would be challenging, but not this much). That being said an extreamly early ship building has been added. you can build ur ship but only if you go into the code and do it there.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Mon May 26 02:41:08 UTC 2014 *removed ship building(cuz i dont know what im doing with that)(its coming back once i get an idea on how i want to do it) *added super laggy super buggy buildings *changed some art around


Duuuuude...when are you going to continue this?

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