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What is happening right now?


reply to power ups?

By danpost - about 2 hours ago
GamesGrinder1998 wrote...
so the second set of code would go into the fireball
Let me ask you this, if a fireball comes in contact with a powerup, do you want the powerup to disappear and that fireball to gain a special ability?
so does the '/**whatever*/' is what it doesaren't i suppose to create a seperate class for the specific powerup
Absolutely NOT. Please do not keep repeating the same questions over and over again. A verification may be alright; but, to re-verify so many times is quite unnecessary.

reply to Help for Bomb Power-UP

By Neymar.Jr - about 9 hours ago
But I'm not sure can about what code to use because I have never dealt with timer and greenfoot.getrandomnumber before. So could you please post the code here. Thanks

reply to Directory Pathing

By danpost - about 9 hours ago
Copy the images you need for the project into the 'images' folder of the project folder. If that is where they already are, refer to them in your code only by the name of the file. <Code Omitted>If that is not what you are doing wrong, possibly it is the space in the filename that is causing problems. Rename the file as 'MainMenu.jpg'. Hope one of these fixes it.

reply to Actors running through other actors

By danpost - about 10 hours ago
patrick26 wrote...
Is it possible to make it so that a certain actor is unable to walk through other actors?
Just about anything is possible. One way is after moving the actor, if it intersects anything, move it back.

reply to Actor not in world error

By danpost - about 10 hours ago
Add a 'return;' line after each 'getWorld().removeObject(this);' line.