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Greenfoot back

What is happening right now?


reply to How to call int from another class?

By joshuadswa - 8 minutes ago
okay thx a lot :D ^^ gonna try it right away :)

reply to Move pawn (player) from dice roll

By NicoZorlo - 11 minutes ago
WoW thank you very much

reply to Putting down a platform

By SachaTb - about 2 hours ago
danpost wrote...
There are two places where you will need to check for touching a platform. After line 14. where you move vertically and after line 29, immediately after possibly moving horizontally left or right. You will need to use the value of 'gravity' to determine whether touching from above (when 'gravity' is less than zero) or from below (when 'gravity' is greater than zero).
Can you show me what you mean by this with my code, <Code Omitted>and my platform actor is called "Platform4" thx!