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What is happening right now?


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By Super_Hippo - about 3 hours ago
Ändere Zeile 4 in: <Code Omitted> Bisher ist die Variable mensch nur als Objekt der Klasse Actor gespeichert und in Actor gibt es keine Variable, die minfiziert heißt. Deshalb musst du mensch als Mensch speichern und kannst dann Variablen und Methoden nutzen, die du in der Mensch Klasse hast.

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By fejfo - about 4 hours ago
there is a setting in your pc to switch your mouse buttons ( left click will act as a right click and oposite )

reply to So...Any good galagas yet

By danpost - about 11 hours ago
Did you try a search on 'galaga' to see what there might be? this one looked pretty good.

reply to Add object within ? radius

By danpost - about 11 hours ago
After adding the 'steve' to the world, give him a random rotation move him a random distance up to the radius required and then reset his rotation back to zero. Your remainder operation in the initial 'if' condition is odd in that it will only be true 18 times within the first 300 acts, then never be true again. If you want 'steve's to be spawned every 300 acts, you need to reverse the values -- (numActs % 300).