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What is happening right now?


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By craeXD - 1 minute ago
Don´t work. The problem are not the images, i removed the excess transparencies whit gimp. This makes no differenc. With "getOneIntersectingObject" it hits only the body-part, not the legs of my spider boss and with "getOneObjectAtOffset" it hits the air in front of the spider...i think because its the edge of the image - no difference if its transparent or not. It tried the "getObjectsInRange"-command serveral times, in different variations and classes - nothing works. Either there is a error message (cant given types) or it simply doesn´t work. What am I doing wrong? I just want a circle/field around my Boss.class (not actor), where the bullet (P9mm) hits. Not only the body-part of it.

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By Yurey - about 2 hours ago
thank u :D 1 more question is something wrong with my boolean ? because the fireball isnt removed :/

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By danpost - about 11 hours ago
Images on your local computer are not accessible on the site. You need to upload it to a server (photobucket or imgur, for examples) and reference it from there.

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By danpost - about 13 hours ago
pandu4431 wrote...
opps, i forget to ask one things, why the picture have blink when get new image layer??
I cannot rightly say what might be causing that behavior. There is nothing immediately apparent in the code given.

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By danpost - about 9 hours ago
There is another issue with the code you supplied. You are checking for the 'space' key being down to call the fire method and then checking if the key has been released in the fire method. Both will never be true at the same time; so, a bullet will never be fired.