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Greenfoot back

What is happening right now?


reply to Trying To make ScoreBoard on my Game!!!!(Not Working)

By Super_Hippo - 16 minutes ago
The last question was asking if the player sees the current points (Counter) or only sees the score after the game is over (ScoreBoard). I see that it is the first option. In my case, Greenfoot saves everything I do automatically without even asking. Show the code in your 'Background' world. I am wondering what the 'getBubble' method is returning. What might solve your problem is to put the click detection into the Bubble class and use 'if (Greenfoot.mouseClicked(this))'.

reply to addObject

By Vellyxenya - about 20 hours ago
Thank you very much :D

reply to Can't get the 'Game Over' screen to work?

By Super_Hippo - 1 day ago
Insert the following line at the end of the act method (line 48): <Code Omitted> As it is now, this method is never executed, so it doesn't check if the player is intersecting an enemy.