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Greenfoot back

What is happening right now?


reply to Isn't starting up (again)

By LakeOtis - 31 minutes ago
Nosson1459 wrote...
I didn't ask for the "shopkeeper" class because:
LakeOtis wrote...
the "shopkeeper" class (which isn't currently being used)
so I took that to mean it's as empty as the characters class. now I see the shop in the You class you cant setWorld forSale you have to do <Code Omitted>
Thank you

reply to Scrolling Map - Large Image

By danpost - about 3 hours ago
Kazee wrote...
Thanks! But I cant download it :(
The Scroller class code can be found here. It is well documented; so, it should not be too difficult to follow. You would be using a (limited = true) scrolling world.

reply to Adding Objects With an Actor

By Nosson1459 - about 3 hours ago
Similar things have happened to me previously :)

reply to How would I make a title screen?

By Nosson1459 - about 3 hours ago
You could do this: Make a world subclass like this: <Code Omitted>Then right-click on TitleScreen in the side bar of Greenfoot and in the drop down menu click on "new TitleScreen()" so that TitleScreen is initialized first.

reply to stopped()

By Nosson1459 - about 4 hours ago
I got my timer to work (go to Score Timer discussion ).

reply to Score Timer

By Nosson1459 - about 4 hours ago
Here is my Timer class: <Code Omitted>In MyWorld I define these variables: <Code Omitted>Then I add the following two methods that automatically get called when the execution is stopped or started: <Code Omitted>All this works fine. When the scenario is paused it won't count the paused time, the only problem is it's a little much just for a timer, but I like it, as I thought of all of the coding.