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What is happening right now?


reply to greenfoot java.lang.IllegalStateException: Actor not in world.

By dottiestar - 24 minutes ago
I moved pelicanCollisions like you suggested, and I moved lobsterCollisions. Now I only get the error when the crab dies from lobsterCollisions! One more down, but I don't know if there is another way to stop it. <Code Omitted>

reply to Java 8 security

By Sn3aKyGuY - about 1 hour ago
When you update Java it gives you the option to reset all your security exceptions. You may of clicked on accept when it asked you if you wanted to do it. They recommend you do it every 30 days for security reasons, but most people never do. Right click on the applets, then cluck Run. When the security message pops up allow it to run automatically in the future. Hope this helps.

reply to Problem with resetting score to zero

By danpost - about 1 hour ago
danpost wrote...
Move the Counter field and the 'getCounter' method to your Start class and remove everything related to the 'static int score' field from the Level1 class.
For one thing, you did not do this. For another, it does not look like you did the following properly:
danpost wrote...
You can remove line 11 and line 21 from the Start class (the score is saved within the Counter object). Also, you should set the Counter field from the Level1 class, not in the Start class. Set it to a new Counter object in the Level1 constructor before calling 'prepare': <Code Omitted>This will ensure that a new Counter (and score with value of zero) is created when the first level starts. You can then make the Counter field in the Start class a 'static' field so the Counter object is not lost when changing levels: <Code Omitted>As long as your Counter field is 'public' (which is the default when the access modifier is not explicitly given), you can access the Counter object from any class in your project by simply using 'Start.counter'. So, doing something like this would be possible: <Code Omitted>

reply to Problem with if(getWorld() == new World())

By erdelf - about 6 hours ago
try it like this <Code Omitted> you are calling a method called water in your code, i am surprised it compiles