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What is happening right now?


reply to scoreboard issues

By Amightymuffin - 7 minutes ago
well i have a different class that fires dolphins at the wombats, the dolphins are just the projectile that deletes them

reply to Using ImageJ in Greenfoot

By CooliMC - about 1 hour ago
ok thx you know a fast methode or algorythm to analies a picture and find special rgbs ??

reply to setTransparency of a third object

By Nubbit - about 3 hours ago
haha yepp, thats the one, thanks!

reply to Can greenfoot run under JDK 1.8?

By rothmanw - about 8 hours ago
Thanks davmac. Within the same server space there are learners taking pure Java with Netbeans IDE - so yes Netbeans is running as well. I think the technologist who installed Greenfoot read about the 1.6 JDK and rolled that out as well instead of just installing pure Greenfoot. I noticed on this Greenfoot site that 1.6 is the standard, but then I also saw comments that 1.8 runs fine. So given that I assume that it is NOT the versions that play a role (unless having two JDK 1.6 and 1.8 ?), but the RDP and memory allocations. Thus my question now is, are there environments running RDP and if so what was done within the RDP to streamline execution of Greenfoot. Greenfoot is still an application running within Java structures to my understanding and hence the server needs to address an application at first and the facility of programmers using that with pure Java, compiling their code. As you correctly stated there are a number of visual updates pushed over the network. Even when using a standalone notebook one can notice the delay before a scenario opens up. So if a learner experiences a hanging when opening Greenfoot and then terminating a session in his/her perspective by logging out, it can also be that the session might just carry on. This happens even in normal circumstances, which can also cause saturation of available memory. I appreciate your feedback. Regards