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What is happening right now?


reply to Scrolling Super World issues with main actor

By danpost - 4 minutes ago
Got it. Actually the solution is very, very simple; however, no one would think to do this except me (who wrote the 'SWorld' class and maybe a very few others, who are good at deciphering and understanding the code). Add the Heart into the world using 'addObject(Actor, int, int, false);'. The 'false' at the end tells my SWorld class that it is not a scroller object and, in essence, it is not. It is to become the main actor -- the one that controls the scrolling when moved.

reply to Boolean true false statements

By danpost - 17 minutes ago
Another thing -- with the code as it is written (referring to the last 'if-else' segment), you have no movement to the pinball after contact with the bumper. It will just rotate in place (it will still be on the bumper on following act cycles).

reply to Floating Danpost "Progress Bars" (Health Bars)?

By danpost - 21 minutes ago
Instead of giving everything identification numbers, you should have each zombie keep a reference to its own health bar. That way the zombie can adjust its value and keep its bar near him.

reply to How do i make my program detect when 2 objects have collided?

By LiquidFang - about 3 hours ago
OK, thank-you. Completely forgot about the tutorials!

reply to check boundaries problem

By davmac - about 4 hours ago
Read this, it describes the problem precisely.