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play MegaFighta
plays 52 / votes 1


by TeamBriffonStudios, 54 minutes ago

Street Fighter, but better.

play Enemy Trouble
plays 1 / votes 0

Enemy Trouble

by OsSi3, 2 minutes ago

Killing an enemy wil spawn 2 others

play The Troll Game
plays 2 / votes 0

The Troll Game

by SameerLikesJava, 13 minutes ago

play Jump
plays 4 / votes 0


by SuperWJF, 14 minutes ago

sick game, like Geometery dash

play SideScroller
plays 5 / votes 0


by SameerLikesJava, 17 minutes ago


play Jake's Game (Original name, huh?)
plays 16 / votes 1

Jake's Game (Original name, huh?)

by BillyMays, 20 minutes ago

A Platformer/Fighter

play Plant-vs-zombies
plays 6 / votes 0


by David-FireTech, 24 minutes ago

Can you survive the wave of zombies

play labyrinth
plays 18 / votes 1


by Midnight03, 37 minutes ago

roll the ball and dodge the dangers

play Future Jump and Run
plays 3575 / votes 0

Future Jump and Run

by NiKu, 2 days ago

play Binding of Vladimir
plays 7 / votes 0

Binding of Vladimir

by bootv2, 1 hour ago

Open world dungeon crawler

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