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Greenfoot back


play Rocket rescue
plays 545 / votes 1

Rocket rescue

by willy123, 2015/8/17

Try and get the red beeper

play La Madremonte
plays 169 / votes 1

La Madremonte

by Madremonte96, 2015/8/27

Cuida la naturaleza

play Crab Vs Lobster
plays 122 / votes 0

Crab Vs Lobster

by goatman, yesterday

Two players, eat the worms before the lobster eats you!

play little-crab
plays 115 / votes 0


by bengrossmam, yesterday

Eat the worms, don't get eaten

play Get that Worm
plays 72 / votes 0

Get that Worm

by pjb1234, 4 days ago

Eat the worm fast.

play Mario  Coin Game
plays 388 / votes 2

Mario Coin Game

by Ben885, 4 days ago

Variation of little crab game

play Sketchy Krab
plays 23 / votes 0

Sketchy Krab

by Lim2Julie, yesterday

Don't let the doodles eat the crab!

play Simple LightCycle
plays 240 / votes 0

Simple LightCycle

by mlcatlin, yesterday

A simple attempt to recreate a classic.

play FrogVSPeople
plays 77 / votes 1


by vgrimes, 2 days ago

Game - Eat flies before caught

play Space Wars
plays 250 / votes 1

Space Wars

by dylan.thompson, 3 days ago

Defend Earth from the alien invasion!

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