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play A-Star Algorithm
plays 3 / votes 0

A-Star Algorithm

by jmshyde1, 40 minutes ago

Finds a short path from A to B

play green foot
plays 17 / votes 0

green foot

by jdudeF, 3 hours ago

worship the bannana

play Insect War
plays 2216 / votes 9

Insect War

by Super_Hippo, 2013/3/5

Send out armies and defeat your opponent!

play STS
plays 29 / votes 0


by Vlad32142, 7 hours ago

Snakes, Turtles, Strawberyes

play Adventures of Crabby
plays 221 / votes 1

Adventures of Crabby

by Sn3aKyGuY, yesterday

Upscaled Modern-Crab

play JumbledGames
plays 1273 / votes 5


by edparrish, 2014/5/5

Learn or review code techniques by playing this game.

play Patintero2
plays 115 / votes 0


by ivycrizl, 2014/9/8

Game Project

play Towers of Hanoi
plays 562 / votes 1

Towers of Hanoi

by NikZ, 2014/9/15

Intellectual puzzle!

play Picnic Panic
plays 153 / votes 0

Picnic Panic

by CrystalDisco, 2 days ago

Action packed, food-chasing fun!

play Space Math
plays 151 / votes 0

Space Math

by sengst, 3 days ago

Subtratation with aliens and astronauts

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