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I might add powerups in the future. The game is due tomorrow at school, and its midnight here, so I'm frigging done for now hahah
no. adding a boolean to your worlds constructor toggles scrolling abilities in Greenfoot 2.0.


This is a little over my head. Still, I'm surprised that for() loops that repeat for the images width and height are faster than greenfootImage. Thats awesome
Theres no one in my class to make artwork for me anymore... so my codepoint entry might me hand drawn :) And yes... I have some cool ideas for paper but they might not allow me to use images, it'll probably just be white. But we'll see.
I won... but my only reward was Greenfoot.stop(); :(
more biomekanoid plox
To put it to the test... enter 0.00 for price and 181.41 for tendered ;)