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You had me sitting here for like an hour playing this game! This is awesome


My monitor is HUUUGE! Haha only because its a trashpicked tube monitor... its waaaay deeper and heavier than it is wide :(
Hey MTK... I was just looking through the comments and I think I came across as kind of a jerk. I appreciate you playing my game, and I really value your feedback.
Haha im proud of you
Ok, I guess I'll change it... but people in my class were able to beat it. The idea is for the speedboat one to be the easiest, followed by the lumberjack game (unless you're an amputee), but I guess the windmill game is kind of ridiculous hard.
I played and completed each of the three games today in school... they are all possible.
Thanks. And thats part of the challenge. If you want to play it completely safe, move away from the edges when you see a powerplant is about to relocate.
Oh. I appreciate the feedback, but Im pleased with the speed of the windmill for now. The powerplants DO pop out randomly on the edges. I have yet to find a more elegant solution than that, but as for the wind, it appears at random X and Y coordinates at the beginning of the game. If a message appears that says "The winds have changed" (again, still working on the font problem) then the wind has moved to another random x and random y coordinate. The wind being near the edge is just bad luck... it drifts at a speed of >1 pixel per frame.
The windmill is moving slow because you're not close to the wind. the closer you get to the wind, the faster it spins unless it is an error on my part, and it IS in fact moving too slow...