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Thanks -- now fixed (wordpress didn't give me the right URL before publishing the post).
Zhirayuki: Sorry, I didn't spot your comment before. I've now uploaded the source so you can see for yourself, but essentially it works as follows. The vehicles are a fixed X width, so I always know the X coordinate of each wheel. I find the terrain height underneath each wheel and draw the two wheels. Then I connect the two wheels with a rectangle that is angled accordingly. It works quite well, although the vehicles "stretch" a little bit as they go up or down steep hills.


As explained in this post:
It's explained in this post:
Ok, I've published the post this scenario refers to, go have a read:
This scenario is the example for a blog post I've written explaining the principle. I'll put a link up here once I've published it (either this week or next)
Thanks to Akuhano for sending me the screenshot -- the bug is now fixed. Let me know if any of you spot any more bugs.
That sounds like a definite bug. Any chance you could send a screenshot to, to help me track it down? Thanks.
I probably need a better short name for it, but it's users who are close to you in terms of score. So if you are 18th, it will show something like 15th to 22nd positions.