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SilverWings59's Scenarios

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play Uncle Worm
plays 3451 / votes 2

Uncle Worm

by SilverWings59, 2010/4/19

Eat, Grow, and Win.

play Cyclone
plays 2410 / votes 0


by SilverWings59, 2010/2/19

Take down fleets of enemies - Upgrade your ship!

play The Hardest Game Ever
plays 2232 / votes 0

The Hardest Game Ever

by SilverWings59, 2009/12/8

You won't beat it. Trust me.

play Space Bug
plays 2230 / votes 0

Space Bug

by SilverWings59, 2009/11/25

Shoot spaceships, avoid black holes, and then die. All in a day's work, right?

play Hypno Wheel
plays 3898 / votes 0

Hypno Wheel

by SilverWings59, 2009/11/3

Caution: May Cause Awesome

play Gravix 2
plays 5949 / votes 7

Gravix 2

by SilverWings59, 2009/10/28

The second installment to the greatest hand-drawn laser-filled game ever.

play Click
plays 1686 / votes 0


by SilverWings59, 2009/10/18

Yes, another banana game. But this time, you click them.

play Nanners
plays 2552 / votes 1


by SilverWings59, 2009/10/18

Ever wanted to shoot bananas?

play Gravix
plays 8480 / votes 16


by SilverWings59, 2009/10/1

Change the gravity, get the star!