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could you publish source code or help me make the mouse physics because for one of my scenarios that is in code-point I would like to add a comet launcher that shoots comets at planets giving them water leading to trees and people please hep or anyone else!PLEASE! it would really help
now I'm just making levels if you have any idea's for one please tell me.
Why couldn't they do something good most people are scared of snakes why don't you make snakes you and people be the enemy (or coal plants, you could put an evil face on them)
ok but how does killing snakes relate to code-point I think that it would be better if snakes helped you and show how they help the earth
fixed the smooth problem do you want me to make the jump slower so that there would be no acceleration or is that good
no when I press up he stays up for 2 second then falls down
still having trouble :(
still having trouble :(