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Yes I noticed that after a few tests, thank you for your solution.
Thanks, but ended up solving the problem in a very simple way. I just uploaded the scenario while running the Greenfoot project in fullscreen or just max sized. Think it's a bit weird it works like that (:
I don't know if you care, but I would like to point out some bugs. First of all great job! (that wasn't a bug). Okay the first thing is that there is no slide effect on the ice (don't know if thats the point). Another thing is the platforms moving up/down, I guess they are in some kind of pre stage, but I would like to point out that the "player" does tiny jumps up and down when on the platforms. Last thing is that you can only move sideways, when the platforms are moving down not up. So I want you to know that this information was meant as a help, but that it's up to you, if you want to do anything about out. Keep up the good work!!
Okay that worked somehow.
Am I the only one who can't even click on the start game button?
Okay in your scenario folder, there is a folder called 'sounds'. Put your sounds in that folder and then in your code write Greenfoot.playSound("crash.wav"); or whatever your sound file is called. I made a fast test scenario for this, and my world code look something like this: public int playSound = 0; public void act() { playSound++; if (playSound > 100) { Greenfoot.playSound("test.wav"); playSound = 0; } }
Is it hard to work with userinfo and highscores? I've seen some posts on this, but I find it a bit confusing.
You had to ruin that for me...
I got it! And I got all the highscores as well (: