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Game crashes when I get to "Place your bet".
I don't get your question? Do you mean how I made your username appear on the panel?
For some reason the glide effect on ice only works when I use arrows. It doesn't work when I use wasd to move.


This is really cool. Though I made it crash by holding the mousebutton down, move the mouse out of the scenario, release the mouse button, then move the mouse back to the scenario (it will add blood even though the mouse isn't pressed) and then I move the mouse out of the scenario again.
Use the UserInfo class.
*I'm sorry I'm not that into the idea*
I'm sorry I not that into the idea of giving away my source, but i might make a scenario when I have time, that shows how I did this one.
No problem still the code is confusing. But hope you can use it somehow.
Please tell me when you have it.