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Glad to hear that!
Found an new bug.. Don't know how the 101% happened.
Must have been my internet. It seems to work fine now, please tell me if you find any bugs in the scoreboard world.
There seems to be some bugs with the scoreboard. I will fix this as soon as possible.
Thanks :) I will look into it for sure. Though it may take some time before I sit down and get it done.
No problem :)
The code is pretty messy (not proud), but I will upload the source so you can check the code I used.
Sure. That was the point of this scenario :) Please tell me if some of the methods aren't understandable, so I can improve the commentary.
You can change the color of the bar in the constructor or by using the setColor(java.awt.Color) method. If you want to change the color depending on the current bar value you should override the updateColor() method.