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This game is so soothing!
Great! The training camp in the sequel is a brilliant idea!
When will you continue working on this game?
When will the the story be continued? I'm waiting for it! ;D


Could you publish the source code, please?
Hi Busch! I've created a scenario, where all hidden treasures and other objects, that are a not easy to found are shown. I hope, it's ok for you! If someone has found more hidden things, please tell me in a comment under my scenario! This is the scenario:
There is a treasure with 2 breads and 4 gold lumps, in the cave, after you fled from the arakchor and before you jump into the big ditch! You have to climb along the cave ceiling to the right!
Wow! You really haven't promissed too much! How can you save the game? In the description you wrote, that the story is over, when you entered the village the second time... I'm in it the first time, but how can I continue the story?
Well done! It would be much better, if you would add, that you can scroll with the mousewheel, too! :)