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hmmm 2 things: 1. how do you see the terminal 2. why are some comments big and others small? I know, they are totally unrelated...
btw I love the graphics
ahh, still anything of this caliber in tibasic is even more impressive considering how difficult it is to keep up a good framerate.
I just remebered something: getClass().getResourceAsStream("filename goes here(relative to class file)") should work on applets. The InputStream returned supports the availabe() and read(byte[]) methods that you are using
int gets a 4 byte 2's compliment integer (also known as an "int" :) using the bitwise and operator, and then shifting, you can extract each of the four bytes such as given integer i, (i&0x00FF0000)>>>> Of course you can also just convert them normally. I'm not sure if this is as accurate though.
very nice definately resembles a TI83+/4+ game, I can picture the z80 code just looking at it :D good job!
Hey! I may love to program (and spend WAY too much time doing it), but I still have a life! I don't check back every day...
scary... :O @mini me Hey I was only 8 when I started with scratch (I started Java/Greenfoot an 9)


Impressive - just what I needed to finish up one of my games! How well doe sit work on Greenfoot 2.0?