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The damages dealt is as follows Gawain - OHKO Gloucester - 2HKO Lancelot - around 7-8 HKO Guren - Most difficult of them all, around 10 HKO
yep, it is also the slowest one and hardest to manuever.
thanks FS, there is no armour system for the mechs yet, however, a weapon system is up and functional with each character dealing different damages. I might end up adding a health system to the mechs soon. and about asteroids, yes asteroids inspired me for this project and i wished to create a similar type of game that has a familiar feel yet distinctly different. of course, the scenario is still in Alpha Stage and is by no means a fully functional stable release yet and therefore, it will feel very similar to asteroids, especially the controls and the movements. there are still lots of functions to be implemented such as a scoreboard, a looping backgroudmusic, fixing graphics errors. I might even add special attacks into the game once its stable enough.
its great, it even gets progressively more difficult. good job! yay it says i have won lol, score displays 200
lol this is pretty fun to watch when the planes blow up
yay! update! new character :D
:S that's annoying. I've already compressed my wav down to nearly half the size though, any more and i fear for the audio quality. On a brighter note, Alpha 0.5 should be up within 24 hours.
hmm, what audio formats are supported by greenfoot other than wav?


plain and simple. easy on the eyes. i like :D