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lol @alwaysremember, haha, the post was quite offensive especially as i never bragged about anything, i merely stated that i wished to make them. anyways, i shall answer your question how. the "mechas" do have a breaking system in the anime, it is never used in the anime more than several times. the just spin around and go at full throttle shooting up other machines. and about the practicality, i do not intend to make a "breaking system" in the game at all. i find it redundant and time consuming as you can just as easily break by spinning the otherway and going forwards. and finally the game does work, just try it several times if you lose, it takes a while to master since it is quite difficult.


omg i love the sound effects theyre so cute! great game :D
glitched near the end of level three
i like the game over screen :D
just to add on to surrealdesire's comments, i think the only real "problem" with your scenario is that if there is a hole on the ground and a helicopter drops a bomb onto the pavement just ahead, theres just about no way to get through that since the helis tend to spazz out in the front for a bit before coming to bomb you. however, the limited space your tank is allowed cant reach far enough.
i think the graphics are fine, i love thecute towers. :]
& like i told you before, too easy to hack, will send you a screenshot of it
i like using the 1-4 buttons to set pyramids, however, there seems to be a slight glitch, if you quickly change keys, sometimes the image doesnt respond fast enough resulting in me putting down a black pyramic instead of the yellow sun one if i transition from 3 to 1 rapidly, thus wasting money
read the comments above. i still need to add an armour system, a congratulatory note, loop the music, create the scoreboard, all kinds of things i could include. and why would i need deceleration? if youve ever watched the anime, you would know that they mechas move exactly like that. no movement is perfectly fine right now. i just need to add in some minor details. typos are already accounted for as you can see in my soon to fix list, i have graphics errors listed. I also plan on making random spawning to make the difficulty rise instead of having an insanely difficult game to begin with. A boss system is also going to be implemented. and im not sure about what you mean by copy the rest of the asteroids coding. i presume that you are under the assumption that i just took the code from asteroids and pasted it in, in which case, allow me correct you on that. while it is similar (i did review some of the asteroids code to see how to fix my own game), it is not an asteroids clone.