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Very good game. In 245 points, i tried to eat the cube that you need to eat, but it I didn't succes to to this. I think that you need to do the game with English and without Hebrew.
Very funny game. It took me time to understand that i need to change my keyboard to English. The long instructions gave me a lot of help. I think that you need to do more games like this
Very good game, why when I hit the wall I suddenly repelled another direction? I loved all the objects, and the situation where you can eat the lobster (and I loved the baby lobsters). What exactly the spacecraft is supposed to be?
New record 59. When I got this score, I noticed the game was becoming more difficult. In my opinion you should take off his life, will play a minute and make bombs downloading 10 points.
Upgraded and cool game, especially liked the part with life. When the bomb explodes is not lost but continues to fall, you should not delete it? My record after ten games was 26, in my opinion the game is too hard. Should reduce the number of bombs (almost always rejected because of it).
Cool piano. I also loved the section Temporary nomination. You better change your images to something more clear.


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very good