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Hello Ivy, what a fantastic game! Brilliant! I have a 9 year old grand-daughter who is showing an interest in coding. Is it possible to download your game to have a look at how you have coded it please? Best regards and kee up the great work, William.
Good morning KKKIN, yes it may be simple BUT it is very useful to a Newbie so thank you for posting the game. Next I have to work out how I can download it and try to emulate your work and possibly add to it? Thanks, Lottinge.
Thank you, we are both using version 2.4.2 because that is what they are using in the school. It is outdated now but we have to stick with it I'm afraid.
I have played the game and found it quite easy so a big thank you from a Beginner! Are you able to give me the code and also tell me which version of Greenfoot you are using please? I am trying to help my Grandson with his IT homework, he is also a Newbie and has chosen IT for his GCSE exams. Thanks in advance.