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Oh, someone else who uses AI))) Do you use neural networks?
OK, thanks
Although, probably, I will still leave this project for later))) Is there any way I can contact you without using Greenfoot? For example, via Gmail.
I think I'll leave the other projects for now and make a small physical project. In general, there is a bit of code.
I saw) Good luck!
But it is unlikely that I will implement it, because I decided to do another project. Maybe someday, when there's time)
Yes, I have studied a little and I know how physics is done. I do physics with formulas, without deformation, so it's easier. I translate to pixels only when moving, and then, this ratio can be changed. When I was talking about physics with rotation, I wanted to talk about the second scenario. I just found a rough way to do it. I thought you did it too and I wanted to see your version)
This was also one of my first games(second, first - Tanks2019).
Although most games(2D and 3D) have normal physics)