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I really enjoyed playing your version of paceman and minesweeper! All classics I used to play in childhood! great visuals, easy controls, and runs smoothly.
Fun game. I think it has great potential and has a unique concept. Great visuals, too.


This is a great game. I love how neatly it recreates such a classic game I grew up playing. It runs smooth, has good visuals, and is extremely easy to play.
I had to play this game again because of how fun it is. I love how it runs so smoothly and has great visuals and easy controls. Great work.
Amazing visuals, and an overall great game.
This is a fun game. Great visuals, runs smoothly, but the only problem is the plant doesn't fire. Either than that, I really enjoy the game, as it reminds me of my childhood.
This was a very fun game. Great visuals, and love how smoothly the game runs.
This game is great. The controls are simple and easy to follow, the game has great visuals, and the game itself runs smoothly.
I like this game, it reminds of the classic game frogger. Great visuals, and runs smoothly.