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yayyyyyy u finally updated it ><!!
Wait.... Posted at the wrong place :D I thought I clicked the nightmare game XD
OMG Now there's a bullet limit???? OH NOOOO (Okay)
Well, I think I'd suggest you to make more chapters until the game is finished because I'M WANNA PLAY IT SOOOOO MUCH>.<
Oic :P That did scare me :)
Yup, chapter 4 is really difficult. I always ran out of torches and got stuck in the darkness and I had to reset it :( Played it for like 10 times until my friend told me what to do... Oh yea! I think there is one more little bug O.o I dunno how to explain. So there is a long hallway that leads you to the left and there is a room "underneath" where you can get a torch... As soon as you go into that room, you can see that the "General Notice" comes out for like more than 10 times. You know what I mean 0.0? Yea it's pretty confusing... Not a big problem, doesn't cause any errors but.... Just to remind ya.. Anyways, game is perfect, sound effects great, graphics are wonderful... Nice work!!
@Builderboy2005 The newest version actually works perfectly without any errors. I played it on a different computer tho, now I wonder if it was my greenfoot's problem.... Gunna re-install it :S
@Builderboy2005 Windows 7, in greenfoot newest version. While I was like killing zombies a terminal window suddenly popped out and said like -4.4 2.8 after a picked up the flash light, tons of numbers appeared, dunno if it was calculating or :S Then it quitted automatically.
@Buildeboy2005 Ummm I'd like to report 2 bugs if you don't mind :S First, the code doesn't work I saw your world class and found "MAINTINENCE" but I couldn't find it in the menu class. Is it the reason that the code doesn't work? I tried both "maintinence" and "maitinence(which you provided up there)" and they both didn't work so I have to start from chapter 3 every time:( Second, the terminal window always pops out for some reason and shows tons of numbers.. And after a while, the game closes automatically, it's like someone has pressed Ctrl+W to close the project. That forced me to restart the game:( Hope you could fix these errors ASAP, we're all looking forward to the perfect version of this fabulous game :P