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tkiesel's Scenarios

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play Mancala
plays 2523 / votes 0


by tkiesel, 2013/3/28

Mancala vs. Computer. "Kalah" rules set.

play csProject ZombieGame
plays 2961 / votes 1

csProject ZombieGame

by tkiesel, 2010/5/20


play Portal Array
plays 3235 / votes 0

Portal Array

by tkiesel, 2010/3/12

Guide the little red dot through the portal to the odd looking circle, to advance

play Small-time Bankin'
plays 1932 / votes 0

Small-time Bankin'

by tkiesel, 2010/3/2

See if you can follow the quarter, click on the quarter cup once it stops moving

play AirHockeyRevolution
plays 3773 / votes 4


by tkiesel, 2010/2/19

Air hockey demo game

play Coin Hunter
plays 2989 / votes 1

Coin Hunter

by tkiesel, 2010/2/26

See if you can follow the coins

play Baby_Invation
plays 2609 / votes 2


by tkiesel, 2009/12/18

Stop the babies from trying to take over the world!

play BoulderRunner
plays 1312 / votes 0


by tkiesel, 2009/12/18

A man trapped in a cave trying to save his orange friend

play Conway's Life
plays 4144 / votes 4

Conway's Life

by tkiesel, 2009/4/10

Conway's Game of Life in Greenfoot

play Commando
plays 6017 / votes 3


by tkiesel, 2009/3/2

Space shooter inspired by Asteroids