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sorry, I meant Michael Kolling says, not has
Michael Kolling has every actor loads its own image. In this game, all the debris all created with a single addobject statement, and they all have the same code.
mjrb4, Thanks. I'll have to go back and finish the tutorial. I agree. It's better to recycle the code, but I did not know where you had put the code for the 2 player if then statement. Where do I go to find the 2 players? How do you get blank lines in your description of your scenario? I press enter, but there is no new line. And all the lines run together. Do I use <br /> or something?
mjrb4, I found a simple game for 2 players. I used it to learn how to make a 2 player game. So I know how to do that now. the new game is at
mjrb4, no. I didn't do anything else beside the arrow keys. I thought the arrow keys would work if I put in the code. That was the only thing I was testing.
Hi Patrik, Thanks. I used your game to figure out how to make a 2 player game. I made a modified game from yours. Now it has hiding places. It is called bomberfigher2. It is at
This is a good game. Would you mind sharing the code? I'd like to learn how to do it. I'd also like to upload a version in English. It's a bit confusing for people who don't speak German. Thank you.
I like it. I've been looking for a 2 player game like this to use as a model for a lesson. Thanks.
how do you play this game? it doesn't do anything that I can see.