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I've reduced the file size a bit now. Should make it download faster.
Herman, I'm not quite sure what you are asking about, but the only support for scaling in Greenfoot is with the GreenfootImage class. It would probably be better if you post questions like this on
To make it a bit more difficult you could disable the ability to go backwards. Currently I just use the up and down arrows and never the left and right. But maybe that is just me....
Nice game. The different scrolling speeds that are used for the ground and background gives a good effect.


I think I have found a bug: occasionally I can't move a face when it should be possible. It just snaps back to the original position like if I was trying to move it to an occupied field.


You need to practice more mjrb4. I had 5 left on my second attempt :-)


This is getting pretty good! I like the battle with the tank.
I cannot reset the game. But from the one chance I got to play it, I liked it :-)


The crab scenario is often used as the first scenario for new Greenfoot users, so I suspect it has been used in a class or workshop somewhere.