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The images are so large that they start overlapping on each other and make it difficult to dodge Lebron. Just decrease the size of your other images and increase the size of D'angelo.
The game has some funny sound effects which add to the fun.
You should decrease the size of the player since right now their hit box is twice the size of the objects they're meant to dodge.
The game is fun. but ends too quickly to do anything.
May want to edit the borders so that the transition isn't so jaggy.
The game can be real tough with how fast the sharks move, but overall its a good time.
Maybe you should change the direction the shoppers are going so that they are heading to the same place the player is going.
The game is pretty great, keep up the good work.
Consider slowing down the character in your game, she goes so fast that it's hard not to hit the obstacle your meant to avoid.