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Take off the white around the images, but otherwise it was a fun game
Such a great game! so many cool aspects of it, it was so much fun to play. I would slow down the speed of the game slightly just to make it a little easier
The pictures and the concept is great, but I dont like how you die after only hitting one asteroid. Other than that it was a great game! ((accidentally commented on previous player's account))
The game has an interesting concept, but I would make the cop cars and the oil spills appear less often. Very fun to play
I would make wentz move faster to make the game a little bit easier
good game, I like how Peters only comes out once you reach a certain score. The sound effects were good, and i like the lombardi trophy at the end of the game
I would make the asteroids less frequent, they are hard to avoid
Great game expect it says you win even when you have negative points.
I would make the cop car image smaller, the game stops before the actor is touching the car