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I very liked the idea that from the edges I can turn only clockwise (because the crab always walks right) but I understood that many people don't like it, so enjoy! (Press left arrow on an edge...)
Cool game! but what is different between Classic and Zen Mode? scored 207 :)
Nice Game! I like the waiting time of the proton wave - just the exact time! I also like the music, just the correct soun, and good ACID use! I suggest you to do something about going to the middle, shooting to every direction and if an asteroid close to you, use proton wave... maybe put different maps on every stage, for example a map on stage 2 that you can't go to the middle (a circle will be there). Good game!


Very Good Game!! First, I don't know what they're talking about... there is no speed problem at all... About bonuses - I liked them all! Lobster Killer-also good! I think the game acts too fast, this is very hard and on level 4 it's almost impossible to done it.. I suggest you to add more information about the game and the instructions in the description. Keep going like that!
Wonderful game! I very liked the idea of the motions - nothing negative at all about it! About the variable boards, I agree with Ofir, I think you should change their size, or even just bold it. About the damageboard - I suggest you to change it to a damagebar, a line that changes its color from one direction to other matching to the damage. Addional to it, the road is too narrow, i think you should make it bigger, because i died just because i had no place to go to, everything was full of objects. Another thing, you can make a cool "Straight Minimap", that on the side of the game, that is moving by the speed of you, and shows how far are you from the finish line. You can change the score to timer, that you need to go to the finish line as fast as you can! Well, I know I just changed your game, so you don't have to do everything of what that i said... Keep making games like this! P.S: You forgot to write on the describe on which damage will you die.
Awesome game!! I so liked the idea of the game - you need to be against the second player, everyone has advantages : The crab-speed advantage The lobsters-plural advantage. I suggest you to slow down the speed of the crab (or whoever you want to) on the sea - it will be very cool! Addional to it, i saw some fish that were "swimming" on the beach, i suggest to fix this. If you can, try putting some bonuses on the area that will help to the crab and as well to the lobsters. Also, you can do a thing that may kill one of the lobsters or something like that. Very liked that game!