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Impressive, very nice work!
Smiler, try to make more than 270, the score is time-based! =) One of my students got 275, while my own record is 273. Cheers!
uploading translated version.. erased the last one.
Very well programmed and entertaining! Nice menus and graphics! I just found it easy to beat the game... At level 20 i had already finished a setup that got me past level 50 without any changes, I did not wanted to test it further, but who knows how long it last? I would give less money for each kill, and who knows, I don`t recall any tower defense game with a degradation system, it could be really fun to balance between getting new towers, and repairing old ones. Cheers!
If there is enough interest, i can publish on Greenroom a teaching guide on how to develop this scenario within 3 sessions.
Forgot to unlock the scenario, corrected on last upload.