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I have the updated version, but I'm not sure how to get it to you. Are you in Greenroom?
Reached out. Thanks
It's the teacher site that is linked to Greenfoot. It is used for teachers to share and collaborate on projects and lessons.
Are you using Threads? I look forward to seeing it!
I've designed game-based projects for my classes. When I looked into game design there was so much: Threading, fps, collisions, etc. So in order to scaffold it I turned to GF. Are you using timers for managing fps, or in the act-cycle loop?
Any plans to share this? I was thinking of doing something similar for our school's CS projects. :)
Thank you. Are you on Greenroom?
Are you going to make the project available for learning?
I was looking at making this our final project for my CS class. Would you be open to sharing the project.gfar?