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theres a famous optical illusion that this setup imitates. if you look at the boxes above, black circles appear at the intersections right outside your main focus
cool but if you don't mix up the numbers its not a puzzle
with all due respect to danpost I don't like the way the 'aliens' don't move as a cohesive unit. I created my own version of this to show how I think the aliens should move. (which by the way I think is the way it works in the original). Link:
the moving platforms should hold the cat in place in relation to the platform
is there any way to select different cars instead of just having the last one bought
how did you do the scrolling part of it
I think the fruits move a little to fast it's hard to catch them
interesting idea except that it's a little hard to see the words because they're sideways, and at the home screen it's playing the song twice.
there are still a few bugs i'll get to them eventually.